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Lara y Alexia #Rodando con Turkana 2021

Reto creado por Lara Van Moorsel Orssich para apoyar RODANDO CON TURKANA 2021 de Fundación Emalaikat, Madrid, Spain
Último día del Reto: 29/08/2021


25,00 €


1.000,00 €
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Rodando con Turkana 2021

Did you know that in Turkana, by making a donation of $15 you can cover a persons medical expenses for an entire year? 

Hello All!

We hope you are all doing well. 

The time has come again to initiate the fundraising for the mobile clinic! Once again, we are unable to carry out our annual market which supports us to keep moving forward in Turkana!!! Thanks to all of you we have grown a lot these last few years, especially with regards to this project and we hope to be able to get together very soon. Due to these circumstances, we have created this challenge in which we aim to raise 25,000 euros during July and August. Join #RodandoConTurkana2021 with whatever you can contribute, all donations are more than welcome.

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